Save and Earn

Reach your financial goals.
Our innovative platforms guarantee you superior returns compared to conventional alternatives.
5% - 10% returns on your savings.

Secure and Legit Services


NairaPayNG makes saving and earning easy. Our online digital services platform offers fixed returns on 30-day plans. We utilize your funds in proven, low-risk assets to generate stable returns. Our platform is 100% secure. We are committed to being transparent and ethical in all of our digital services.

NairaPayNG Features

Discover the Excellence of NairaPayNG

Fixed returns

Get up to 5%-10% returns monthly that are fixed for the duration of your deposit cycle.

Flexible Saving Terms

Save for as little as 30 days. Withdraw or rollover after each cycle completes.

Automated Payouts

Returns are credited to your bank account automatically with no delays.

Responsive Support

24/7 e-mail support. Live chat is also available during working hours.